Ok, I’m in the top spot

imageThis post is a continuation of the previous post List? What List? I wanted to give readers a chance to think about their list, their place on it or why they aren’t on it at all. Hopefully, you have ideas and answers. If not, at least something to ponder.

When working with clients on this issue, two concerns come to the forefront and can be major stumbling blocks when working on achieving this goal. One is prioritizing time for themselves and teaching the others who are on their list to respect the new craved out space for yourself. Both can be equally difficult in the beginning, but equally rewarding to all involved in the long run.

How does one find the time to be in that #1 spot? Finding the time maybe easier than one might think once we decide to develope this habit. I encourage clients to find 15 minutes a day every day to begin. It doesn’t matter which part of the day it is, it is unique to everyone and their living situation . What you do with this personal time is all up to you. When in doubt on how to get this personal time, I will suggest to clients lock themselves in their bathroom or bedroom, set a timer and ignore the outside world. Read a book, take a bubble bath, crank the radio, go for a drive/walk, whatever works for you. Once you are comfortable with the 15 minutes of you time, slowly build it up to an hour. You’ll be amazed how much better you will feel about both yourself and everything else in the world. Plus those in your life will have a better appreciation as well.

i look forward to hearing how this is working for you. What you are doing. What are some of the struggles for you.




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