Stepping Away & Taking a Break

Hello there. After taking some time away from the blog, I am back!!! It’s hard to believe that it’s been about 2 years since I wrote a new post.

I try to follow my own advice as much as possible and knew I needed to step back for multiple reasons. The old self care, rediscovering one’s self and what you truly want from life.

When you recognize the need for a break, take one. It’s good for the soul, clarity, reorganize, rest, creativity and health among other things.

For me, I needed to figure what directions to move forward, what I want to tackle and in what order. Those who know me, know that I’m big on thinking out of the box, multitasking and creativity. Which can be on overload at times. Plus throw ADHD in the mix, you have me.

I took advantage of the time to take some online classes regarding blogging, marketing and self employment, which helped me with getting unstuck and experiment with some ideas. I’ve been getting on a schedule of posts for other social media sites and expanding those, which I had not previously been giving a lot of attention. I’ve become brave with doing some short Tip of the Day videos and having fun with those, stretching my horizons. Have you stretched your horizons lately?

Part of the time, I devoted to my Etsy shop, LunagaiaKnits, since it hadn’t gotten a lot of attention after I started this blog. It was feeling neglected and is back on track.

Oh yeah, anyone still daydream? I took time to do this as well to sort out my goals. If you haven’t done this recently work it back into your life. It’s amazing the effects it can have on you, your perspective becomes clearer and your goals feel more doable. You feel like a kid again, full of energy and the creativity just flows.

Probably the biggest aspect in all of this is discussions my husband and I have been having about retirement. Such as when our exist strategy from our jobs with the State of California will be and what this stage of life will look like. It’s good to have goals and know they are achievable no matter what obstacles will come our way.

I know I’m somewhat rambling but I feel creative, energized and enthusiastic no matter what is going on around me. Direction is back in my life. It’s easier than you think.
One of my biggest thrills in life is helping others figure out their goals and how to make them happen. If you’re stuck, overwhelmed or just someone to bounce ideas off contact me.