Here We Go

imageI’ve  talked about this for a handful of years of doing a blog and life coaching, it’s about time I actually did it. I’m always giving advice to clients and friends about “Don’t just say, do. What’s the worst that can happen?”,  so I should just take the plunge myself. Which is a good topic for post #1.

All of us have fear, it’s part of what makes us human, a core aspect that has been around since the beginning of time.  For the most part fear is neither good nor bad, only how we handle it that’s the deciding factor . So, how do you handle fear? Is fear in control of your life or are you in charge?

For myself, fear has/is a mixed bag, both encouraging me to challenge and move forward, along with questioning my sanity. Whether following my heart to move from Fresno to Carmel- having never been there before or going back to college in my Late 30’s, going to school/working/single parenting full time. Scary stuff but so much growth in the process. What I never would have learned or accomplished if I had listened to my fear.

So, this blog & life coaching is the start down a new path. Something I have talked about for yrs and am finally setting in, join me on this journey and hopefully it will a learning experience for us all.


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