I ponder this year, as my birthday has come and gone, the big milestones that have  happened this year.  First of all, this has been a difficult post to write. Unsure if a mixture of hormones or realizing that the fives and tens of my birthday and other birthdays of my daughter & grandchildren have struck reality in my life. This truly is a year of important numbers.

What I mean by fives and tens is basically our ages. I turned 55 this yr, my daughter is now 30 and my grandkids 10 & 5. How did we get here? It really struck home when my daughter and her family were here for X-mas holidays. My daughter made an off the cuff remark, stating that she knew she was getting older when she couldn’t relate to 20 year olds anymore. “They seem so immature.” Wow! It had never crossed my mind that I would ever hear that from her. I’m unsure if I feel that way, in regards to those younger than myself, including the 20 somethings.

Which is part of the reason for this post, embrace the milestones in your life, no matter how big or small. When working with clients and they have hit those rough moments in their lives and feeling that they can’t move forward, I remind them of one very important fact. ” Remember where you were when we first meet and all the progress you have made between then and now.” I’ve rarely had anyone not stop, think for a moment and a lightbulb goes off in their mind. They will tell me, “yes that is true.”  Sometimes we all need someone or something to remind us of the milestones, those moments when our world seems more perfect than ever.