List? What list????


One thing I discovered while working in the psych hospital, is the importance of our list and where we are on this list. This list that I’m talking about is the list all of us have ranking the importance of those in our lives, hopefully including ourselves.

This topic comes up a lot in my current work as a rehab counselor and was recently revisited with a handful of clients over the last few months, especially in the last  week .  I felt it was a  perfect topic for the blog, more so than the topic that I was writing. Especially with summer upon us, it is a great time to start practicing this and make it a habit.

So, do you know where you are on your list? The top 5? Top 10? On your list at all? It’s been my observation over the past 15 yrs working in Social Services that most people aren’t in their top 5 much less the top 10. I’ve even meet many people who aren’t on their list at all. How sad is that? But hope is not lost, we can redo our list and  put us on the list.

The other question that I ask people those who have themselves on their list, where are you on your list?  Many people respond either with themselves at the bottom of the list or near the bottom of their list. Which also isn’t healthy.

People are often surprised when I encourage them to put themselves at #1 on their list.  A common response is, “I can’t do that, I have responsibilities. I have kids, husband, work, church…….”  I will often encourage clients to think about their feelings of exhaustion, being overwhelmed and resenting those who rank above them on their list & why they feel that way. The answer always comes down to not putting themselves first on their list.

So, I ask you, where are you on your list? If not, why?

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