IMG_5371I know it has been awhile since I have written a post, but I needed to take a break and work on some other aspects of my life. Along with thinking about the next steps with both my blog and life coaching goals.  I’m excited to start to start 2018 with a posting explaining my silence and lack of posts.

I had reached a crossroads of sorts regarding what to do and the next directions with my Lifecoaching and this blog. Quitting was never on the agenda, those who know me well can vouch that word is not a part of my personal vocabulary. I had just too many ideas and thoughts in my head regarding my next steps. Both my ADHD and creative passions have been on overdrive the past handful of months, along  with a hectic work schedule as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and plotting how to handle my Etsy shop, Lunagaiaknits. I decided to pull back on the Lifecoaching and the blog to temporarily recharge.

I had been ignoring my Etsy shop and with the upcoming holidays approaching, I needed to devote time and energy to my shop. Sometimes, you just have to rearrange priorities and move items around on your list due to needs at the time. I also knew that this shift would be temporary and I could start the new year with fresh eyes, ideas and purpose. Which is what has happened, I’m excited with my plans and goals. I have visions of incorporating Youtube and a podcast with this blog and expanding the blog to Kindle and other avenues. What a busy and fun year ahead for all of us!!!

I share this insight with you, since it is not uncommon in my work with clients, that they will have moments in life regarding crossroads and needing to temporarily or permanently moving priorities around. We discuss the pros and cons of what they want to change and giving themselves permission to do whatever they need to continue on their life’s journey.

After all, life isn’t a straight line for anybody, no matter what appearances look like from the outside. There can be a lot of freedom, growth, inspiration and creativity that often happens with these timeouts.  Everyone needs this break, whether we want to admit it or not to ourselves.

1. Freedom to explore, play with ideas, put old thoughts that either aren’t working back on the shelf or run with ideas to the numerous possibilities. Do you give yourself permission for this freedom?

2.  Growth comes in many forms, sometimes we get so busy with our lives and cluttered in our heads we just aren’t paying attention. Stepping back or changing direction, can often allow us to stop and smell the roses. Are you appreciating how much growth you have on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis?

3.  Inspiration, while similar to creativity is often the birthplace of creative ideas. When was the last time you honored your inspiration?

4. Creativity, I hear it all the time from clients, friends, family and coworkers, that they don’t have a creative bone in their body. How very, very untrue.  Everybody is creative, often more than one can ever imagine and we do it everyday. Think out of the box on this one. Have you problem solved lately? Creativity at its finest. Embrace and go forth.

It is a new year, a chance for all of us to move forth with our hopes, goals, desires and journey in 2018. I’m thrilled you are along for the ride.

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