How many balls can you juggle?



The month of November has just flown by, with many of the projects for this blog ended up being pushed aside and I apologize for that happening. As the saying goes, “Life is what happens when you have other plans.” Beides my day job & the life coaching,  I also decided to open in October an Etsy store @ LunagaiaKnits.

The Etsy store is probably something that in hindsight I should of started months before, so it wouldn’t eat up so much time between October and now. Life is a learning experience and we all continually learn whether we admit or realize it. The good thing about the Etsy shop being up and running is I can give my attention back to the blog and the life coaching. I have missed my time away from the blog I will admit.

I am admittedly one of those people who can actually get energized by having many balls in the air. Which is what has happened since I started both the blog/life coaching and the Etsy shop. Plus, I tend to multitask continually, which can include, when I appear to be goofing off or not doing my mind is usually working away on problems or planning my next steps. This is how I get stuff done, in a timely manner, it’s how my adult ADHD manifests itself . I haven’t been this energized in a while, which is a positive outcome for me. Have you had those moments in either your present or past times in your  life? I would love to hear about them, so feel free to share with me.

I have lots of plans for the blog, life coaching  and my Etsy shop for 2017, including for the blog the goal of posting at least twice a month. I’m not a believer in resolutions but a BIG believer in goals and plans. In fact this was part of the conversation my massage therapist and I had the other nite during my massage. The concept of making goals and plans instead of resolutions and the fact that plans and goals seem to be taken more serious than resolutions. Which do you subscribe to or do you make plans/goals/resolutions? Is there a reason you choose one over the other? If you don’t make plans/goals/resolutions, why not?

I’m a firm  believer in having at least some plans and goals every year. I’m not a big believer in overloading oneself with plans, one also needs to take breaks and step back as well. Along with not beating yourself up if you don’t get everything or very much of your plans and goals completed. I discuss ways how to break down goals and plans into simple manageable steps which will allow you to see and appreciate your completion of the steps and progress in my blog posts in June 2016 which are titled “List, What List” & “Ok, I’m in the Top Spot” along with my post in September 2016 discussing “Affirmation, Affirmation, Affirmation. The techniques discussed in these postings are helpful with both defining and establishing goals and plans as well as into manageable pieces so one doesn’t seem overwhelmed. I have often used these techniques with clients and in my own life, so I know how well they can work!

Do you have system that works for you? I’m always looking for new techniques to share with clients, feel free to share. Are you in search of a way to improve your success with accomplishing or even setting goals & plans? Contact me for help.

On this note, I wish everyone Happy Holidays, however you celebrate or what you celebrate. I will see you on my blog, my Facebook page-StartsLaura and my Twitter page-LauraStarts. Enjoy!!!

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