If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Dale Carnegie


I’m a huge fan of Dale Carnegie and have been since I discovered him in high school, which amounts to a handful of decades. His writings have inspired me and helped me stay motivated, even when I became way off track.
Actually, he is one of many who have motivated me over the years. I plan on sharing my favorites quotes from them periodically on this blog . Originally I just had the link to the tweet on Twitter as the heading, but wasn’t happy with how that looked.

This particular quote also encouraged me to look back on my starting this blog and how much I have learned about blogging, the various social media sites and life in general.  I will have had my blog a year this October  but hadn’t posted anything on it till early this year. Partly hesitation, partly tossing all the ideas around in my head, the how, the why, the goals & basically what direction did I want to start this journey. I took that leap of faith and here I am. Glad I did and glad those who follow me here, on Twitter and Facebook have come along for the ride.

I talk about this in my first ever blog post “Here We Go.” Who knew where this would go or if it would go anywhere. Which is the positive side of taking action and not just wondering ” What if or why should I?” Well, here is the answer to that question so far. Who knows if this answer will change or what the outcome in the future will end up being for the blog, the Twitter account or the Facebook page. So, onward and forward.



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